Useful websites

You can find free images on or on Pixabay

Nice color palettes can be found at Flat UI Colors

The Stocks: a website with many links to images, videos, icons, colors and fonts

If you need some user data for test cases you can get random data from Random User Generator.


On the one hand, this website is outdated because it creates grids with floats, but on the other hand this site can still be useful for creating css for your fonts.

HTML & CSS Templates:
Templates for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:

Play around with CSS Grid:

Grid by example


Spaceship Operator, The Null Coalesce Operator and the Splat Operator


that’s it for the spaceship operator. Consider its use with usort

The null coalesce operator is used like this (e.g. check if a get var is set):

$id = $_GET[‚id‘] ?? 0;

This is much shorter than $id = isset($_GET[‚id‘]) ? $_GET[‚id‘] : 0;

Splat Operator for unpacking an array:

See also:

For more information and other new features in PHP 7 visit:

Splat Operator was introduced in php 5.6 as far as I remember.