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Remove google fonts from Divi Theme

I tried several ways to remove google fonts from Divi like described here:


or here:


But I did not get them to work.

Divi adds the google font with the function

And one can remove a function from a parent theme in a child theme with the remove_action() function from wordpress. So I added the following code to the child themes function.php:

And that worked!

I found this solution at:


To make use of web fonts it is best to host them on your own server. You can find many fonts and a description on how to use them here:


2 Gedanken zu „Remove google fonts from Divi Theme“

    1. Das ist allerdings viel einfacher.
      Danke für den Tipp.

      Nachtrag (29.07.18): Diese Option wurde erst in neueren Versionen von Divi implementiert.

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